Custom Wheels Las Vegas

High Quality Tires and Wheels

Since 2004, Capital Customs has been offering premium and high quality tires and custom wheels in Las Vegas and Henderson! During the last 10+ years, we have been growing our selection of tires and wheels to help our customers choose the right set for their car. We can make your vehicle stand out from the crowd while still performing better than before with our selection of custom wheels and tires.

Choosing Wheels and Tires

If you are just looking to improve the way your car looks, you may opt for just a new set of custom wheels Las Vegas. We will help you choose one that both fits in your budget and looks good on your car. Afterwards, we can discuss installation of your new set of wheels at Capital Customs. If you are looking for new tires or both new tires and wheels, your selection will narrow down depending on the type of car you have and the primary usage of the vehicle.

There are three primary factors we like our customers to consider when choosing wheels. These factors are wheel weight, driving terrain, size. The weight of a wheel can change how your car’s handling performs. The heavier the wheels are, the more your braking distance is increased and your handling will suffer a bit. Next, what type of terrain do you typically drive your vehicle over? This can change the types of wheels and tires we recommend our customers. Lastly, the size of your wheels can affect your car’s performance. Also, it is important to check to see if your vehicle’s tires can handle an increase in the size of the wheels. When working with Capital Customs, we can help you check all of these out and give you the best options available to you.

White Mercedes Benz With Custom Black Wheels
Black Mitsubishi Eclipse With Lambo Doors
Side Angle View of a Mitsubishi Eclipse
Front angle view of a black Mitsubishi Eclipse
BMW SUV With New Tires and Custom Wheels In Las Vegas