Custom Exhausts Las Vegas

Close up view of custom exhausts in Las Vegas

Capital Customs will have you loving the way your ride sounds! From just a little rumble to full performance, you can trust that the “Capital Crew” will get your ride sounding just how you want it! Whether you want a complete custom exhaust Las Vegas system or a simple upgraded muffler, Capital Customs is always here to help with name brands you can trust and an installation that’s backed by a lifetime warranty!

At our shop, we can work with most vehicles to upgrade or change their current exhaust systems. Upgrading your car’s exhaust system can have many benefits over the stock one such as:

  • Improved design and appearance
  • Increased car performance with more HP (dependent on vehicle and exhaust)
  • The way your car sounds!

If you want to get started upgrading your exhaust, feel free to give our shop a call to discuss some fine details to help us get a better picture with what we are working with. If you want to add some extra noise onto your exhaust without it costing too much, we may recommend a performance muffler. It all depends on your car and budget.

Modern cars are typically very restrictive in their exhaust systems. This means they prevent a nice flow of exhaust fumes out of the car because of smaller piping, poor design, etc. The more piping you work with generally means you will see greater exhaust flow which means better performance and sound. Knowing the different types of exhaust systems can be beneficial for you to help determine what system you actually desire. The common 3 types of systems are:

Header-Back or Turbo-Back

A header-back or turbo-back exhaust system is new exhaust piping that begins from the vehicle’s exhaust headers which channels all of your car’s exhaust fumes from the engine. A turbo-back system is similar however it involves starting from the vehicle’s turbocharger because of how they are designed. This type of system is generally the most expensive and time consuming; however, it can be rewarding. A lot of vehicles see great performance and sound improvements after the installation of this system. This system requires the most amount of piping to be replaced on your car.


A cat-back exhaust system or simply CBE refers to all of the exhaust piping behind the car’s catalytic converter. This is usually a middle ground for pricing and performance gains on a system. There can be various types of CBE pipes that all depends on the make and model of the vehicle. Some examples are an X-pipe, H-pipe, and a Y-pipe. The letter associated with the piping refers to how the exhaust piping looks like.


An Axle-Back Exhaust System refers to the exhaust piping behind the vehicle’s rear axle (where the rear tires are located). Most systems typically have muffler(s) here but it all depends on the vehicle. This is typically the cheapest system providing the lowest amount of power gains but it can help change your car’s exhaust tone.

Whatever custom exhaust in Las Vegas you choose from our shop, you will love the way your car performs and sounds! If you need more explanation or have any questions about pricing, feel free to call our shop.