Capital Customs: The Best Custom Car Shop in Las Vegas!

Capital Customs is your local custom car shop in Las Vegas and Henderson! The sky's the limit with the different modifications and upgrades you can do to your car and we are more than happy to help you create your dream car! Our staff has years of experience in the automotive industry and have been helping customers across Vegas make their cars perfect. Our custom services can range from smoking out your head and tailights to giving your truck a lift kit. Since every make and model of car is different, different prices are to be expected. Our team will help walk you through what you want to do to your car and will give you any suggestions that can help make sure you don’t break the bank. At Capital Customs, we are all about “it’s all about how you feel in your ride” so you can rely on us to help you enjoy driving your car!

We are dedicated to providing our customers the very best customer service and a professional and comforting atmosphere at our custom car shop Las Vegas. We have noticed custom car shops Las Vegas lack a few essential features that we believe are required to provide the best service possible. Features such as working close with our clients to help them achieve a certain look or feel of their car. Also, we help our customers out by giving them affordable and fair pricing on services we provide at our custom car shop in Las Vegas.

Some of the custom services we specialize at our shop are:

  • Custom Lighting: We can change the appearance of your car’s headlights, tail lights, and interior lights. Whether you are looking for smoked out lights or new LED bulbs to really brighten up your car, we can handle it.
  • Suspension and Lift Kits: Upgrading your suspension can drastically change the way your car feels. Upgrade old springs for a smoother ride or get a lift kit installed to show off your car.
  • Car Alarm Installation: Making sure your car is equipped with a car alarm is pertinent to defend against auto theft. This is why we offer several car alarms and also the installation at our shop.
  • Audio and Visual Entertainment: Nothing sounds better than a good car stereo system and some good tunes! We offer installation of new speakers, subwoofers, and more to improve the stereo system in your car. Also, visual entertainment is a nice luxurious touch you can add in your car at our shop. With several infotainment systems to choose from at Capital Customs, you can choose the right one that will fit the look of your car.
  • Custom Exhausts: A nice sounding exhaust is desired by most car enthusiasts and we can help you achieve it! We only provide our customers with high quality and top brand exhaust piping to ensure a nice pleasant exhaust tune and a smooth flow. We can take care of the ordering process and the installation for your car.
  • Wheels and Tires: Everyone loves a car with a beautiful set of wheels and tires. We offer a variety of wheels and tires to our customers to choose from. After you have the right set of wheels and tires in mind, we can help install them onto your car as well.